Three Phase Testing


Three Phase Testing

Three Phase Testing Sydney

Three phase appliances are commonly found in workshops, factories, production plants, and manufacturing facilities. These appliances use higher voltage i.e., 415 volts instead of typical 240 volts and draw higher current. Therefore, in case of defective equipment, there is a higher risk of getting electrocuted. Three Phase Testing Sydney performed according to Australian standards can significantly reduce the risks of electrocution and fires.

Our competent and trained technicians carry out three phase testing and tagging in accordance with the guidelines outlined in AS/NZW 3760 standard. The process is the same. We conduct a visual inspection, followed by electrical tests which is then followed by tagging of the three phase equipment. A comprehensive report is provided by a soft-copy for easy transfer. When equipment approaches the retest date, we send you a courtesy email and give phone reminders.

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