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Why Choose Go Test and Tag in Central Coast NSW

Expert in the area.

Fully Compliant

Safety for people is our main focus through professionalism. As far as electrical safety is concerned, we provide electrical testing and tagging services in Central Coast accordance with Australian Standard- AS/NZS 3760.

Industry-Standard Tools

To test and tag your electrical appliances in Central Coast and print tags, Our Testing and Tagging specialist use sophisticated test and tag machines and RCD testers. Before we deem your appliances safe, we also conduct a thorough Visual Check and then perform Electrical Tests on them.

Impeccable Track Record

Go Test and Tag at Central Coast offer a fully qualified and experienced professional for the service. Our goal behind testing and tagging in Central Coast is to safeguard people who come into touch with electrical tools and equipment at work.

Competitive Rates

We are conscious of the importance of both money and security. Hence, offering a superior service at a reasonable cost is one of our strengths. We are transparent about the services we offer and how they operate as a result.

Go Test And Tag Services in Central Coast NSW

what we do best.

Our Services Test and Tag Sydney

Test And Tag Central Coast NSW

Electrical shocks, mechanical wounds, and electrical fires are the most frequent incidents involving electrical equipment. The minimum amount of time for testing varies on the tool, machine, or appliance. Our experienced and registered Go test and tag staff in Sydney conduct each inspection and completes any necessary repairs that the testing may indicate. 

Microwave Testing Sydney

Microwave Testing Central Coast NSW

In today’s modern time, microwaves have become a necessity. However, microwaves do pose the danger of leaking. A microwave oven door might stop shutting tightly over time and use, enabling harmful radiation to leak and cause health issues. It’s essential to frequently test all the microwaves in your workplace to make sure they are all functioning safely.

Three Phase Testing Sydney

Three Phase Testing Central Coast NSW

We conduct three tests—the Earth Bond (a crucial test), Insulation Resistance, and Leakage test—in order to effectively test and tag a three-phase appliance. In comparison to conventional home appliances, three phase testing employs a higher voltage (415 volts as compared to 240 volts) and higher current. If handled improperly, this high voltage and current can result in harm

Testing And Tagging Sydney

RCD Testing Central Coast NSW

Residual Current Devices (RCDs) are safety switching devices created to promptly cut-off power if a fault occurs in the electrical circuit. In order to prevent harmful electric currents.

Three Phase Testing


Factories, workshops, places of manufacture and assembly are all environments where equipment or supplies can be subject to flexing in normal use.

Safe Work Method Statement

Safe Work Method Statement

The objective of Go Test and Tags SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) is to examine hazards and then remove those hazards or decrease the degree of risk 

Quality Test And Tag services across Central Coast NSW

Top-Notch Test And Tag Services For Optimum Safety 

Go test and tag equipment that is defective is bad for business. A small accident can lead to a major loss of income. Keeping these things in mind, we at Go Central Coast Test and Tag , affordable test and tag service provider understand how crucial it is to protect your property. We have guarded homes, workplaces, and even corporations from potential electrical threats. No challenge is too big or small for our staff to tackle, be it repairing or prevention. 

Our Electrical test and tagging service technicians are highly qualified and well-trained. They perform their services in accordance with Test and Tag Central Coast NSW Australia’s standard: AS/NZW 3760.

In order to suit each client’s unique demands for test and tag in Sydney, we provide them with customised solution

Our Services Test and Tag Sydney


Service Technician was very genuine, professional and happy to arrange an appointment at my convenience. All equipment tested properly and it was a quick and easy process.

Alex Pisani

I would say we're very pleased with your service.Service Technician did a great job and was really helpful in informing us regarding appliances that needed repair. It also helps that he was available after 5pm because as an office operating at least 20 workstations, time is everything! So we are very happy and will highly recommend your service.

Jazmine Garcia

Service Technician was extremely prompt in his replying to my emails to organise the testing & tagging of our equipment. He was early and carried out the work quickly. Would definitely recommend him to others requiring this service and will use his services in the future.

Kelly Hollis

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