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Fire Protection Testing Services

Whether it’s small or huge, fire can be dangerous for a business. Fire protection testing can prevent 90% of fires and it’s essential for business owners. This procedure involves regular inspection by professionals to check fire safety standards.

A fire protection testing includes various things depending on the size of the business. Go Test and Tag, a reputed tagging and testing Services in Sydney company, provides fire extinguisher checks, domestic smoke detector checks, and file blanket checks.

Besides these things, there are some important aspects of fire protection testing. In this blog, let’s find out more about this procedure.

Importance of Fire Protection Testing For Business

Every business undertakes regular fire protection testing alongside having the necessary equipment on the premises. A business owner needs to protect employees, business, and onsite visitors from unwanted hazards.

Even though a business has enough equipment, all of it requires regular testing from a professional team. It’s crucial for fire equipment as that’s not used regularly and is needed every time.

Many businesses in Australia are non-compliant with required fire standards as they don’t service fire equipment regularly. It can happen when they don’t place the equipment in the appropriate position.

About Fire Extinguisher Testing

Whether it’s a small business or a major industry, it’s important to consult an expert team before installing fire protection equipment. However, depending on the size and type of business, the system includes smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and hose reels as needed.

Fire ExtinguishersThe easiest way to protect a business is by installing fire extinguishers. As per some reports, around 90% of fires can be extinguished with a portable extinguisher. So, it’d be better to install fire extinguishers at the business premises.

Even though fire extinguishers are essential for fire protection, they need to be tested every six months. Ensure the professional team follows all the requirements while testing fire protection. Besides routine testing, fire extinguishers need to be pressure tested on a regular basis.

Fire Extinguisher Protection For Business

Go Test and Tag, a reputed test and tag Sydney company, provides six-month routine testing for fire protection equipment. Let’s find out the things included in fire protection testing:

  • Fire extinguisher’s accessible location
  • Good anti-tamper device
  • Advanced operating instructions
  • Undamaged and clean fire extinguisher
  • Properly fitted nozzle and hose
  • Visible signs for fire extinguisher
  • The fire extinguisher is properly fitted to the wall with the correct support

Besides these things, the professional team will also check the weight and pressure of the fire extinguisher. Once the testing is finished, the team will record the test and attach a metal tag. It’s an excellent idea to test fire protection equipment to keep the business premises secure.


Go Test and Tag is a reputed Testing and Tagging Services company in Sydney, serving clients for several years. They have highly skilled and experienced professionals who ensure each piece of equipment’s safety by testing and tagging. They are well-known for using the latest technology for fire protection testing. Contact the team to get more details.

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