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Test and Tag Service For Emergency Lighting

go test and tag Sydney: Even though most people ignore it, a small indicator above the door of various places can be crucial for preventing major damage. Whether it’s a shopping complex or a parking lot, emergency exit lighting can be crucial for everyone’s safety.

Emergency exit lights are vital in architectural planning for both residential and commercial buildings. Since emergency lights can prevent a lot of dangers, they need to be checked on a regular basis.

Go Test and Tag, a reputed testing and tagging Sydney company, provides trusted emergency lighting testing with highly experienced professionals and the latest equipment. Whether it’s a commercial building or residential property, installing and taking care of emergency exit lights is essential for everyone’s safety. In this blog, let’s explore the importance and some crucial facts about this system.

Importance of Emergency Lighting Test

Emergency exit lighting is classified according to the kind of power source they use. As the emergency light is often called a self-contained unit, it comes with a battery build system. That’s the reason why these types of emergency lights need to be checked on a regular basis.

Whether it’s a commercial building or a residential place, the overall emergency lighting system should be tested every six months following the required Australian standards. The six-month test is a short process that includes a basic check and log book records for maintaining the system.

The short testing process also lets the owner follow the maintenance practice in the future. The duration of this testing is enough to understand the condition and response of the system. It’s essential to check the whole system at least once daily.

Besides the short testing process, annual testing is needed to keep the system safe. The best test and tag Sydney company provides a 3 hours long process. Ensure the process is done before the building is filled with occupants. It’s important to check the illumination of the lamps. Once done, the professional team will attach a tag, declaring the system’s running perfectly.

Who Should Do an Emergency Lighting Test?

Whether it’s a business place or a residential property, ensuring everyone’s safety is essential. It’s recommended to hire a highly skilled professional team like Go Test and Tag for emergency lighting testing. These unbiased professionals can identify the system’s flaws.

The emergency light system is crucial during power outages, disasters, and emergencies. The small system can be a life-saving device when needed. Regular emergency exit light testing is a moral responsibility. This excellent approach ensures the emergency lighting’s maintenance.


Go Test and Tag is a trusted service provider in Sydney, helping several clients by ensuring safety across the city. They are well-known for having a highly experienced team and using the latest technology to provide 100% guaranteed equipment safety. Contact the official team to get more details regarding their testing services.

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