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Professional Electrical Testing & Tagging

Many workplace accidents happen due to faulty electrical equipment. For instance, exposed wires or frayed cords can be the key reasons for a preventable fire. Similarly, a not properly grounded appliance can be the cause of electric shock.

It’s essential to contact a reputed tagging and testing Sydney company for regular testing and tagging for everyone’s safety. Go Test and Tag, a reputed service provider, ensure the equipment is in good condition to prevent unwanted risks.

Regular testing and tagging can help a company prevent major accidents caused by electrical equipment. In this guide, let’s find out why professional electrical testing and tagging is important. Keep reading to explore more.

What is Electrical Testing & Tagging?

Electrical testing & tagging is a unique process to check electrical equipment for safety issues and faults. After that process, the professionals will attach a tag to prove the equipment is tested.

The purpose of this process is to reduce the risk of injuries caused by electric shock or fire. The professional test and tag Sydney team will remove the particular equipment that can be the cause of any harm.

Once the electrical equipment is tested, they will attach the tag which features the test date, who performed it, and the next test date.

Types of Electrical Testing & Tagging

Testing and tagging of electrical equipment is essential. Electrical equipment in all work areas, factories, workshops, and construction sites must be tested and tagged. This type of application can be classified into two categories – double-insulated appliances and earthed appliances.

Some types of electrical applications need regular testing to identify issues. However, it depends on the environment and the type of equipment. For example, some electrical appliances are regularly tested like computers, emergency lights, power tools, microwaves, printers, fax machines, etc.

Besides these things, some equipment like fire extinguisher testing and emergency light testing need periodic testing. It’s important to keep the appliances checked as per the workplace’s guideline.

Who Can Perform Testing & Tagging?

Testing and tagging depends on the environment of the workplace. For example, high risk electrical equipment needs testing every 12 months. Some electrical equipment that are used for manufacturing industries require testing every 12 months as well.

Electrical equipment that is needed in mining or demolition can be damaged faster. It’s essential to check special guidelines regarding testing. Even though some businesses don’t require testing that much, they shouldn’t take the procedure lightly.

Only a licensed professional team can test and tag electrical equipment. Even though there are some good testing and tagging Sydney companies available, always go for a genuine one. Check the company’s previous projects and experience before hiring for the workplace’s electrical equipment.


Go Test and Tag is one of the most trusted companies in Sydney, providing reliable services throughout the city. They take pride in having a highly skilled team who provides accurate services. Contact the officials to get more details regarding testing and tagging.

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