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Tech tests electronic equipment in service centre

How Do GO Test And Tag Services Test The Electrical Safety Of My Appliances?

If you own a construction site or even your workspace should comply with the Australian Standard AS 3760: 2010. GO Test And Tag Services in Sydney will inspect all your electrical appliances and tag them to make sure your workspace does not break any regulations. 

All the tests are done with efficient tools and expert technicians handle the test and tag services in Sydney for your electrical appliances. Even minor tests and faults can be detected with our instruments. Besides that, a visual inspection is also done to ensure everything’s safe and working properly. 

At GO Test And Tag Services Sydney, we use specialized tools to carry out the testing and tagging of electronic appliances. All these tools can conduct several tests, which include:

  • Insulation Resistance: This test will ensure that the current is not flowing in the wrong place. 
  • Earth Continuity: It checks whether the appliances are properly connected to the earth. 
  • Polarity Test: The tools check whether all the power boards and extension cords are properly wired. 
  • Leakage Test: It checks for leakages of current in the parts where it should not be! 
  • RCD Trip Time Test: We carry out tests to make sure that your RCD or the Safety Switch will switch off fast enough so that it can prevent injury in terms of a fault developing. 
  • Power Testing: Also, our equipment helps in checking the amount of electricity used by the appliances. 
  • Electrical Supply Testing: We also offer tests to check if the main power point to which your appliances are connected is wired correctly. 

Our team also offers certain other related tests for electronic appliances that lead them to perform efficiently and for a longer duration. 

Why Is Electronic Testing And Tagging Important For Your Business? 

With GO Test And Tag Services in Sydney, you can expect the best service ranges. But are you thinking about why you need such services for your business? 

Despite the kind of business, testing and tagging your electronic appliances is very important for a reliable company. Check out some points that make it important for your business to have regular tests and tags. 

  • Safety: Getting all the electronic appliances tested and tagged regularly ensures everyone’s safety in the working space. This may include staff, customers, management, and also you. 
  • Risks Of Breaking Laws: As a business owner, you are responsible to make sure that your workplace complies with all the rules and safety laws. To avoid any kind of fines or even imprisonment for breaking safety laws, getting your electrical appliances tested and tagged regularly is the best option. 
  • Low Insurance Premium: Also, to make sure that you get low insurance premium rates, you will need to follow up with all the safety guidelines. Going for regular tests and tags of all equipment will make sure to avoid high premium rates.

Any kind of business needs to hire test and tag services in Sydney at regular intervals for these importance. In NSW, every kind of management needs to follow the safety laws in the workplace. Particularly, for all work environments which are hostile to electrical appliances, you need to follow the safety guidelines in NSW

GO Test And Tag: Our team of expert technicians is ready to help you by testing and tagging all your electrical appliances in the workplace. We make sure that you comply with the OH&S Act and do not break the rules or come under any legal action. 

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