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Testing and Tagging For Hostile Environments

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers have a legal obligation to minimize health and safety risks for their employees, which includes addressing potential risks associated with the use of testing and tagging electrical appliances

In New South Wales (NSW), the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001, Section 64(2)(a3), stipulates that all portable electrical devices in a workplace where the “safe operation of the electrical device could be compromised by a challenging operating environment” must undergo regular inspection, testing, and maintenance by a qualified individual to ensure their safety for use.

The regulation further defines a “challenging operating environment” as one where an electrical device, in its typical use, is exposed to conditions that are likely to cause damage to the device. This includes situations where the device could suffer mechanical damage, or be exposed to factors like moisture, heat, vibration, corrosive substances, or dust that could lead to damage.

The examples mentioned above (mechanical damage and exposure to moisture, heat, etc.) provide common instances of conditions that might be categorized as a challenging environment. Additionally, factors like careless handling by employees or misuse by the public can contribute to such an environment. Some devices experience such frequent use that everyday wear and tear becomes a form of mechanical damage, posing risks to users.

Most workplaces encounter at least one or more of these conditions that could be considered challenging. Certain workplaces, such as construction sites or factories, might experience all of these harsh conditions.

So, what’s the solution? Inspection, Testing and Tagging Sydney conducted by a capable Test and Tag technician. Professionals from Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing can assist in identifying challenging operating conditions and can routinely maintain your electrical equipment to ensure its safety for your employees’ use.

Whether you manage a workshop, school, kitchen, university, or construction site, prioritizing electrical safety is of utmost importance. All levels of management hold legal responsibility for workplace safety, necessitating a documented risk management approach.

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