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Tips To Prevent Fire Hazards – Fire Safety Checklist

Be it any season, keeping your space safe from any kind of fire hazards are of utmost importance. It can be your workplace or even your home that you need to protect from fire hazards. You can opt for check-ups and regular test and tag in Sydney to maintain the safety of your home from any incidents related to fire. 

Are you curious to learn how to prevent fire hazards at home and workplace? Well, you can do this with the help of several simple yet effective tips. Adopting these precautions will help you in preventing any severe accidents and related injuries from them! 

Top Ways To Avoid Fire Hazards 

Check out these simple tips that can help you in preventing risks from fire. 

Smoke Alarms: 

Installing smoke alarms in the workplace and your house is a big step in preventing fire hazards. It will help you in identifying what can be an alarming situation in your house. Though you may have these alarms installed in your house, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind. 

  • Make sure to replace the batteries of these alarms regularly. 
  • Hire an expert technician to replace the smoke alarm every 10 years. 
  • Clean the dust to maintain its smooth functionality.
  • Discard the old batteries of these alarms with proper safety and at appropriate disposal spots. 

Power boards: 

You need to consider checking and maintenance of the safety of power boards too! Many common issues like overloaded power boards, damaged insulation, Piggybacking, and others may lead to severe electrical hazards if not checked on properly. You should keep in mind the following aspects of power boards:

  • Consider avoiding overloading the power boards, as it may lead to a blackout and eventually a fire. 
  • For loose plugs, replace them altogether.
  • Place the extension cords in a neat and safe place so that you can prevent fire. 
  • Avoid piggybacking two power boards together.
  • To prevent any kind of power board fire, make sure to buy a good surge protector. 
  • Get all the power boards tested and tagged regularly. 

Kitchen Safety: 

It is a well-known fact that most house fires have their origin in the kitchen. You need to be careful while leaving your kitchen. Follow these tips to prevent fire hazards from your kitchen: 

  • Remove any kind of distractions while cooking, be it TV, phone, or even pets. 
  • Make sure to clean any kind of grease from the workstation. 
  • Check all the appliances regularly and make sure that all these are in good condition. 
  • Before leaving the kitchen, check whether the stove, oven and other appliances are turned off. 


There are several other ways to avoid fire breakouts that you can adopt. Get your electronic appliances tested and tagged regularly with the help of a skilled and professional technician. Hire a professional team of Test and Tag in Sydney for checking and maintenance of all your electrical appliances. 

Go Test and Tag Services: When it comes to reliable testing and tagging services, Test and Tag Services are the best in business. We make sure that your house is safe from any kind of fire accident due to errors in the functioning of electrical appliances. 

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